How to choose the natural stone that best fits your project

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Lots of questions arise when acquiring natural stones. We know that the stone is 100% natural and that it has a lot of positive characteristics, as it comes directly from the nature, and it is easy to use in different atmospheres and easy to clean.

But as an architect or designer, what do you have to look for exactly when you want to use natural stone in your project?

The following aspects are two key points:

– What the utility of the stone will be, inside or outside use, quite or busy area, etc.

– What the temperature will be in the location, if it will be used in walls or in floors, etc.

Depending on those different factors the choice must be also different.

Currently, there are endless colors for natural stone (check it in, as many colors as the nature can produce. These stones can be classified into granite, limestone, sandstone, slate o marble. You can find all them in Natural Quality Stone.

As a summary, the natural stone can provide a project with exclusive added value. The key to success is to make a proper choice.

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